eNAV-pilot is a route calculation program for navigation, determining a safe route depending on the boat's performance and sea conditions forecast. Set your boat, download the eNav-forecast oceanic weather forecast data, enter a port of departure and port of arrival and eNAV-pilot calculates the direct route taking into account the topography of the coast, markers and travel time based on the performance of your boat and weather and ocean conditions.

  1. Set up your virtual boat :
    Choose from one of 3000 proposed boats and enter the physical characteristics as well as the polar speeds, sails and motor. The manufacturer will taken into account. Or you can opt for complete customization by entering all the data manually.
  2. Load the metocean forecast data * :
    Update the forecast for the next 4 days by connecting to the Internet. The update can be set automatically or by downloading a data file.
    * To activate the weather function you must subscribe to the eNAV-forecast service (not included).
  3. Indicate the points of departure and arrival, as well as ports (port, mooring, nautical place names or markers), indicate the date and time of departure or of arrival. eNAV-pilot calculates the direct route and travel time based on the boat's performance and sea forecast conditions..
  4. The route is displayed as a map and a navigation guide.
    The map shows the route in segments between each landmark and important points.


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Primary interface :

eNav Pilot screen 1


eNav Pilot screen 2


Metocean Graph :

Metocean Graph


Metocean Graph


Metocean Data Table :

Metocean Data Table


Weather Bulletin :

Weather Bulletin


Your route :

Your route


Your boat parameters :

Your boat parameters



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